Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The new addition to my blog is the picture underneath the header. Though it is about a year old, it is quite possibly my absolute favorite picture from all of college. So, I thought it deserved a worthy place. It's my favorite because it has some of my favorite girls in the world in it. The picture is also from formal my sophomore year, and it was a lot of fun! This blog is dedicated to these sweet girls: Becca, Margaret, and Katie.
My first memory of Becca is from our pledge retreat. She was one of my roommates for the weekend. All that I really remember is the fact that there was a terrible storm in Baton Rouge (her home) and she was on the phone begging her "friend" to evacuate. This "friend" is now her amazing boyfriend Drew (who is also in the picture). For a little while there I kind of thought she was freaking out a little bit too much... ha! love you Becs!
Becca is one of the sweetest women I know. Deep down, she has a tender heart and really cares for the ones she loves. Becca loves the Lord more than life itself. She is the friend that knows just about everything about me. She is a great listener and very understanding. Becca is my friend that always calls to see how I am doing, even if we haven't seen each other in a couple of days. For this, I am really thankful!
Marge and I grew up about fifteen minutes from each other. Our paths could have passed about a million times when we were younger. We have so many family/friend connections, it's not even funny. However, the Lord chose to keep our paths from crossing until we were in college. I don't exactly remember my first interaction with Margaret.
Marge is ALWAYS good for a laugh. No matter how bad I feel, I will be guaranteed a laugh while spending time with Margaret. I am constantly having to "call 911" because she is so terribly "ill," "hurt, or "dying." Marge's joy in the Lord is so incredibly contagious.
Katie also grew up a few minutes away from me. We have so many mutual friends it is not even funny.  I remember gravitating toward her at the beginning of our pledgeship because I knew she loved the Lord. I also knew that if she was anything like the friends we had in common, then we would definitely get along.
Katie is really fun. She is level headed. She can look at a situation and see both sides and pick the best outcome. Katie is compassionate. She's task oriented and very smart. I am thankful for her friendship. This past semester, Katie has been my friend that has kept my lazy butt involved in Alpha Chi.

I am so very thankful for ALL of my great friendships with girls. Since college, God has truly blessed me with SO many great friendships. I am truly grateful for this season of life. Without these friends, I do not know what I would do.
(Disclaimer... if you are not in this post, your time will come... I promise!)

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