Monday, July 25, 2011


I've been MIA in the blogging world lately. This summer has been absolutely crazy. I don't even know where it began... and now it's almost over. The last month at Calvary has been "Selah" month. As a church we are encouraging each other to relax, sit at the Father's feet, push pause. In other words, we haven't had any Wednesday/Sunday night activities.

Over the last week no one has "Selah"ed like me.  The week before, our youth ministry was a part of Super Summer Alabama. The whole week centered around sitting at our Father's feet. I had a minor surgery last Friday. I was encouraged to relax by, yet another person, my doctor. Think the Father is trying to teach me something? I am always going. I am always doing something. Maybe it took a slap in the face to get my attention...

As I sit. As I relax. As I Selah, I can't help but think that it is in preparation for the next couple of weeks to come. Rush. Sorority Rush. Why do they call it that? Don't they know I'm learning to Selah? It's my last one. Hopefully I'll be able to rest more throughout that week than I did in the last four years. Maybe not. I love my sorority and my friends, but I do not love rush. If only, there were some other way to go through the process without being so judgmental... mean... messy... stressed....

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